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DCEE 2016 - 5th International Workshop on design in Civil and Environmental Engineering

In his 1969 book "The Sciences of the Artificial" (MIT Press), Herbert A. Simon, argues that design is the central activity that defines engineering and distinguishes it from the natural sciences. In fact, design is much more than engineering: it encompasses many different skills and disciplines.
In Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) in particular, design has typically been housed within each of the civil domains, shrouded by analysis, replaced by standards and building codes, and unable to cross the disciplinary boundaries as it was meant to do.
Yet, many of the greatest challenges that humanity will face in the 21st century will require civil and environmental engineers and architects to develop creative and innovative solutions that will radically alter our infrastructure and the built environment.
The DCEE series of workshops explore what it would mean for design to be a discipline within CEE, what it means for design to be a discipline in other areas of engineering, and the implication for interdisciplinary design in cooperation with other fields such as architecture, urban planning, industrial design, product design and more.

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