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Bridge building activity increased rapidly with the introduction of the railway all over the world and progressive metallurgical advancements. Consequently, steel became an unrivalled structural material in the 20th Century throughout the world. Seemingly the most recent century will be the age of structures considering steel of prime importance.

Expressions similar to these were again mentioned while introducing the theme of the Symposium on “Steel Structures” held at 2010 during the annual meetings of The European Convention for Constructional Steelwork (ECCS) in Turkey. Now at 2015, once more Turkey is proud to announce and host the Annual meeting of ECCS which will be held at 2015 in Istanbul. Again, it is planned to organize an international Symposium, this time on STEEL BRIDGES to encourage innovations and new approaches on the field.

Main motive of the Symposium is that there is still much to do to develop and promote steel in construction industry, e.g. where urban research and studies eventually propound “Vertical Cities” to control physical propagation and expansion of cities for the sake of sustainability and preservation of fertile lands, in which new levels of “bridging” the settlements may come into considerations. It is a well known fact that some 21st Century architects and urban planners have such utopian schemes. And it seems that mankind’s abilities are becoming ready to bring them and the like into reality. Therefore design is important. Designing visions, structures, construction means and materials to create new and yet healthy and sound environment is also important. And steel is the futuristic material to continue shaping and “connecting” our common urban or metropolitan lives under ever growing human population challenges.

Istanbul is one of the best places to organise the bridge symposium which is a natural bridge between Europe and Asia in addition to having three steel bridges over Bosphorous. This symposium gave us the opportunity and mission to organize and announce the 8th international symposium for architects, structural engineers, designers, steel fabricators and builders as well as environmental psychologists, urban planners and environmentalists to discuss new horizons on steel bridges.

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