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Lussemburgo, 26 Maggio 2011

Fire Safety Day Luxembourg 2011 is an event organised by Infosteel in the context of the project FRACOF, the partners of which are the European programme ‘Leonardo da Vinci’, ANEFORE, ArcelorMittal and the CTICM. This day has the objective of informing you about present developments in the area of fire regulations and the innovative technical solutions concerning the fire resistance of steel buildings. There will be several presentations dealing with the FRACOF method, which makes it possible to verify the fire resistance of partially protected mixed floors, taking account of the membrane effect. A design guide and a reference document for the FRACOF method will be distributed to the participants in the day’s events.
The other thematic areas to be discussed at the Fire Safety Day Luxembourg 2011 are:
regulatory development in Luxembourg in the area of fire-safety ;
the possibilities of using fire-safety engineering methods in verifying the fire resistance of structural elements ;
demands and solutions regarding the fire-safety of façades ;
fire protection systems for steel structures.

A case study will illustrate the design and verification of the fire resistance of steel structural elements using advanced methods and will describe the technical solutions employed.

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